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RFID Solutions

RFID, or Radio-Frequency Identification, is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track objects. Implement RFID solutions with Prieds to help you with your inventory management, supply chain optimization, access control, and more.


Various RFID Solutions to
Cover Your
Business Needs

When implementing RFID solutions, it's essential to consider factors such as the type of RFID technology, frequency, range, and compatibility with existing systems. At Prieds, we help you with both software and hardware to cover your needs in an all in one solution.

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Detectability ( Track & Trace)

Everything Uniquely Identified

Rapid ( Velocity of Scan)

Authenticity Validation

Security System

DERAS RFID by Prieds Ability


Able to scan more than 100 tags in seconds


Do not need

Line-of-Sight to

read the RFID tag


Reading by area

with radius up to

20 meters


Features That Suit
Your Business Needs

With a modular system, you can choose the module you need. To help meet your business needs, Prieds RFID Solution has provided various excellent features that will help you with various problems.

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Inbound RFID

Each item is assigned an RFID tag, which contains unique identification information. This process is critical for tracking the items throughout their lifecycle.


Outbound with RFID

Using PC that integrated with Gate RFID that will scan item that want to process outbound flow.



As with outbound, POS can interact with hardware that connect to Computer Device.


Stock Opname Using RFID

RFID technology streamlines the stocktaking process by allowing for quick and accurate counts of inventory, significantly reducing the time and effort required compared to manual counts.

Loss Prevention

Long-range RFID scanners ideal for loss prevention, detect tags from greater distances than LF or HF readers, aiding in tracking items over large areas.


Stock Transfer
Using RFID

RFID eases inventory transfer, ensuring accurate real-time tracking between organization locations.

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Integrate RFID
with your ERP
and WMS

Integration is one key part in our solution. Make sure your business process are seamless and integrate your existing system with our solution.


Prieds DERAS RFID Solutions

Outbound RFID

RFID Gate Reader

Detect all Goods that picker bring out and will check every item that supposed to be out from Delivery Order or other Documents.


If there are any items that aren’t scan before, it will trigger the alarm  and capture the event.


Industry Use Cases

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Tracking product components and finished goods for real-time visibility, prevent spare part losses. RFID can be attached to boxes, palettes, textile fabrics and more.

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Logistics & Transport

RFID can be used for goods tracking to monitor the location and condition of goods in transit.

Fashion & Beauty

Authenticate high-value items, such as jewelry, apparel and footwear, and manage also inventory efficiency, faster stock opname, and enhancing customer experience through smart retail.

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Keeping track of expensive medical equipment, authenticate medical products, documents and pharmaceuticals.

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Prieds RFID Solutions

for Better Business

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