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We Made Changes, Together.

What makes Prieds a great place to work?

At Prieds, we grow, we lead, we innovate. As colleagues, we support, challenge, and inspire one another every day. We help ensure every challenge gets the solution it deserves. We build breakthroughs, together.


Our Leaders

"By helping businesses' digital transformation, our work in PRIEDS is actually contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth."

- Mark Gabriel Priyono (CEO)

Thinking about joining Prieds?

Our culture would be a great fit for those who share similar values. If how we do things resonates with you, we welcome you to join us.

Ngide Harus, Tapi Jangan Ngasal

Everyone should seek to innovate with the proper methodology.

Underpromise About Yourself and Over Deliver to Your Team

Be humble and continue to learn while consistently delivering results that exceed expectations.

Kita Ga Kerja Sendiri, Ingat Ada Yang Lain!

Be a trustworthy member of your team and contribute by cooperating.

If the Client is Happy, Then I am Happy

Satisfy the customers need and maintain a relationship beyond servicing.

Impact Over Me

Motivate yourself personally to give impact to others and sacrifice yourself for that cause.

Explore the Teams

Find out what each team does best and discover which one suits you the most.

Team Section

Be a Part of Our Team

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