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Smart Retail Prieds

Sistem operasional toko retail dengan kendali teknologi Internet of Things (IoT).

Prieds Smart Retail

Mereka yang Telah Mempercayakan PRIEDS


Fitur-Fitur Unggulan Smart Retail Prieds

Smart People Count

  • Ease customers from carrying their belongings to store

  • Real-time customer count

  • Simplified customer shopping process

  • Prevent Covid-19 Spread

Smart People Count

Kelola Operasional Toko Retail Lebih Canggih dengan Smart Retail Prieds

Manajemen Toko Retail yang Andal dan Efisien

Terhubung ke Internet of Things (IoT) dan Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Dirancang untuk mengotomatiskan seluruh proses dan meningkatkan produktivitas di seluruh toko retail Anda.

Dashboard Warehouse Manegement System PRIEDS

Better Control from Anywhere Real Time

Security & Accuracy

Higher Security: Integrate with RFID & CCTV

Error-Free Fulfillment

Real-Time Visibility Access

Reduce Stock from Stock Loss

wms - PRIEDS

What's our clients problem

  • The needs to know the number of people in traffic in each branch and what time the traffic is happening compared to a few months ago and in other branches.

  • The importance of managing the number of employees available in the store based on attendance to avoid a shortage of employees staying the store during breaks.

  • Companies need to minimize the possibility of missing items.

  • It takes too long for employees to do stock opname.

  • Security problems many stock loss happens


Our Solutions

  • Smart POS with RFID enable higher security and tracing of stock, reducing time for stock opname

  • Dashboard to monitor easily stock, sales and operations from anywhere

  • Easiness of stock return management to enhance customer experience

  • Smart People Counting Camera and analyze People Traffic in the mall and store

  • Integration with CCTV for security

  • Integration with ERP and Warehouse Management System

wms - solutions - PRIEDS

Untuk Manajemen Retail Anda 
yang Lebih Andal

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