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Prieds RFID Implementation in Manufacturing Production and Raw Material Warehousing

In the manufacturing sector, maintaining an efficient flow of materials from warehousing to production lines is crucial for minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. A major manufacturing company faced challenges in managing its raw materials and production processes efficiently.

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Inefficiencies in Material Handling

Frequent delays in locating and retrieving raw materials from the warehouse to production lines.


The manufacturer encountered several significant challenges:


Prieds implemented a comprehensive RFID system designed to streamline material flow and improve production efficiency:

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Automated Material Tracking

RFID tags were applied to all raw materials upon receipt. RFID readers installed at warehouse entry points, storage racks, and production lines provided real-time tracking of material movements.



The deployment of Prieds' RFID technology had a profound impact on the manufacturing operations:

Increased Operational Efficiency

Reduced time in locating and moving raw materials from warehousing to production lines.

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Improved Inventory Accuracy

Near-perfect inventory accuracy levels led to optimized inventory holding, reducing costs and minimizing production disruptions.

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Enhanced Production Planning

Real-time data availability enhanced production scheduling, reducing idle times and increasing throughput.


Robust Traceability
and Compliance


Improved product traceability throughout the production process ensured compliance with industry standards and simplified recall processes when necessary.


The implementation of RFID solutions by Prieds significantly improved the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of manufacturing operations. This case study demonstrates the transformative potential of RFID technology in enhancing material handling, production flow, and inventory management in the manufacturing industry.


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