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Prieds RFID Implementation in
Textile Manufacturing

A leading textile company, known for its high-quality fabric and garments, sought to enhance its supply chain visibility and inventory management. The company faced challenges in tracking the vast quantities of fabric and garments through various stages of production and distribution.

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Complex Supply Chain Management

Difficulty in tracking fabric rolls and finished garments from production through to distribution centers and retail outlets.


The textile manufacturer encountered several challenges:


Prieds implemented a comprehensive RFID system designed to streamline material flow and improve production efficiency:

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Fabric and Garment Tagging

RFID tags were sewn directly into fabric rolls and garment labels at the beginning of the production process. These tags were designed to be durable enough to withstand various textile manufacturing and finishing processes.



The adoption of RFID technology by Prieds significantly transformed the textile company's operations:

Streamlined Supply Chain

Real-time tracking from raw fabric to finished garments improved logistics planning and reduced bottlenecks.


Accurate Inventory Control

Dramatic improvements in inventory accuracy reduced overstock and stockout situations, optimizing

storage and capital use.

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Better visibility into production and inventory levels enabled more efficient resource allocation and scheduling.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

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Enhanced product information and availability at retail points increased customer trust and satisfaction,

fostering brand loyalty.


The implementation of RFID solutions by Prieds revolutionized the textile company’s supply chain and inventory management. This case study exemplifies how RFID technology can be seamlessly integrated into the textile industry, providing substantial benefits from production through to retail.


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