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Prieds RFID Implementation

in Wine Distribution

A prominent wine distribution company sought to enhance its inventory management and supply chain transparency. The company faced specific challenges related to tracking

its diverse inventory of wine bottles through various stages of distribution, from the vineyard to retail outlets.

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Inventory Tracking Difficulties

Difficulty in tracking individual bottles and cases through the distribution chain, leading to inefficiencies and potential loss.


The wine distributor faced several key challenges:


Prieds developed a specialized RFID solution tailored

to the needs of the wine distribution industry:

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Liquid-Compatible RFID Tags

 Specialized RFID tags designed to work around liquid environments were attached to each bottle and case. These tags are capable of transmitting through glass and liquid, providing reliable tracking capabilities.



The deployment of Prieds' RFID technology had a transformative effect on the wine distribution company:

Enhanced Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of each bottle

and case improved inventory accuracy and reduced losses.


Supply Chain

Increased visibility across the supply chain facilitated better logistics planning and reduced transit delays.

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Quality Assurance

Continuous monitoring of storage and transit conditions helped maintain wine quality, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Regulatory and Authenticity Verification

Detailed tracking data supported compliance with regulatory requirements and helped verify the authenticity of the wine, protecting the brand against counterfeiting.

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Prieds' RFID solution provided the wine distribution company with an advanced toolset to manage complex inventory and supply chain challenges effectively. This case study demonstrates the potential of RFID technology to enhance operational efficiencies, ensure product quality, and meet regulatory compliance in the beverage industry.


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