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Prieds RFID Implementation in FMCG Aluminum Packaging

A prominent Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, known for its extensive range of packaged food products, sought to improve its supply chain efficiency and product traceability. The company specializes in products that require durable, lightweight aluminum packaging, such as canned beverages and preserved foods.

Canned Food
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High-Speed Production Lines

Managing high-speed production lines efficiently, where thousands of aluminum cans are processed

per hour.


The FMCG company faced several critical challenges:


Prieds developed an RFID-based solution tailored to the

unique needs of FMCG aluminum packaging:

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RFID Tags for

Metal Surfaces

Deployed specialized on-metal RFID tags that resist interference from aluminum packaging, ensuring accurate readings even at high line speeds.



The RFID implementation by Prieds significantly enhanced the FMCG company’s operations:

Increased Production Efficiency

The ability to track products at high speeds reduced bottlenecks and improved throughput on production lines.

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Enhanced Distribution Accuracy

Real-time data on product movements improved inventory management, reduced losses, and optimized distribution routes.


Boosted Recycling

Better tracking of aluminum packaging increased recycling rates, reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainability initiatives.


Product Safety

Continuous monitoring of product conditions helped ensure that all items remained within safe temperature ranges, preserving product quality and safety.

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Prieds' RFID solutions provided the FMCG company with a robust framework to manage the complexities of producing and distributing aluminum-packaged goods. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of specialized RFID technology in enhancing operational efficiencies, ensuring product quality, and supporting environmental sustainability in the FMCG sector.


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